Hosting, dates and general information

Workshop Description

This is a 5-day, 50hr intensive empowering participants to create, deploy, administer, modify and exploit computer networks using only network hardware and the UNIX command line. In the course of the workshop, participants become familiar with tools, techniques and concepts normally exclusive to network administrators, forensics officers or hackers.

A full description of the workshop [can be found here][1].


[Julian Oliver][2] and [Danja Vasiliev][3].

Hosting this workshop abroad

We welcome invitations to teach this intensive workshop abroad.

We can teach up to 20 people simultaneously and would prefer to teach no less than 5. We charge a set fee, and expect both accommodation and travel to be covered.

Please [use this contact form][4] if you’re interested in hosting it at or organisation or institution, suggesting some dates. We travel 2 weeks a month on average and so the more notice you give us the more likely it is we can teach.
We’ll be in touch at our first available opportunity, detailing our fees and basic requirements.

NETworkshop in Berlin

Travelling every month has its downsides and so we like to teach in our Berlin studio, for a significant ‘Berliner’ discount. Given space restrictions we can host only 10 people.

Please [get in touch here][5] if you’re interested and we’ll write back with dates, fees and other information.


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