Working with Lolin C3 Pico ESP32 boards

ESP-NOW Tutorial ESP NOW - Peer to Peer ESP32 Communications

Note about Flashing Get started with MicroPython [C3 series] — WEMOS documentation

To enable Serial.println() in Arduino IDE it’s suggested to choose “XIAO_ESP32C3” at board type Reddit - Dive into anything

Use Neo library to drive onboard RGB LED ESP32-S3 onboard RGB LED - #7 by bojan_jurca - Programming Questions - Arduino Forum
Online tool for mixing colors

Board pinouts GitHub - hevnsnt/Wemos_C3_pico: Information about the Wemos C3 Pico

ESP-NOW [espressif] User Guide: esp-now/ at master · espressif/esp-now · GitHub

ESP_NOW Master arduino-esp32/libraries/ESP32/examples/ESPNow/ESPNow_MultiSlave_Master/ESPNow_MultiSlave_Master.ino at master · espressif/arduino-esp32 · GitHub

ESP32 WIFI_MESH ESP-WIFI-MESH - ESP32-S3 - — ESP-IDF Programming Guide latest documentation

Useful ESP32 WiFi examples arduino-esp32/libraries/ESP32/examples/ESPNow/ESPNow_Basic_Master/ESPNow_Basic_Master.ino at master · espressif/arduino-esp32 · GitHub

Using promisc mode to read more packet headers including RSSI ESP-NOW protocol measure receiver power strength of signal strength - ESP32 Forum

ESP32 C3 RSSI proximity sensor v.1 (2.6 KB)

ESP32 C3 RSSI proximity sensor v.2 (2.5 KB)

ESP32 C3 RSSI proximity sensor v.3 (2.5 KB)

ESP32 C3 RSSI proximity sensor v.4 (2.5 KB)

ESP32 Boards definitions

Vectary web 3D editor

Luma AI genie Text-to-3D Luma AI - Genie

Folder for your models: AI models 4 printing – Google Drive

Setup steps

  • Add XIAO_ESP32C3 board config via Board Manager
  • Install Adafruit_NeoPixel.h Library
  • Upload and Compile program
  • WiFi power management – on/off
  • R9 Reset